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 Oni the Game

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Bungie Software proudly presents Oni- a single-player blend of action and adventure that combines the best elements of shooters and fighting games into a near-future epic featuring anime-style action and characters.

Throughout breathtaking indoor and outdoor levels created by real- world architects, Oni's third-person vantage point casts gamers in the role of Konoko, a heroine with a vast arsenal of fighting moves- including kicks, punches, throws and combos, as well as finishing moves. But she can also wield powerful weapons- from machine guns to plasma cannons- as she maneuvers her way through an increasingly dark storyline.

With the most fluid animation and control ever seen in a third-person title, Oni promises the smooth feel of a shooter, the visual richness of broad third-person perspective, and the frenetic combat of a fighting game, all combined for a uniquely satisfying gaming experience.

The Story

In the year 2032, Big Brother is alive and well. The World Coalition Government has annexed 80% of all nations and tracks your every move. While those in the cities maintain an acceptable level of comfort at the expense of freedom, the poorest masses exist at the fringes of a toxic wasteland and at the mercy of the Syndicate - a nefarious web of criminals run by Boss Muro.

You are Konoko - a young girl unaware of your past and your destiny. In the midst of the corruption that surrounds you on all sides you must unravel the mystery of your own identity while fighting to save humanity from extinction.

- An intense action thriller comes to life with exciting anime style charactrs and storyline.
- Revolutionary gameplay blend of hand to hand and weapons combat.
- Easy to learn fighting system with cool, lfelike moves.
- Arsenal of weapons includes pistols, rocket launchers, energy and projectile weapons.


Windows 98/2000/Me Operating System
266 MHz Pentium III processor or higher
800MB free disk space
Hardware accelerated 3D graphics card (OpenGL compatible)



hotfile.com Oni.part1(day20dream3r).rar.html
hotfile.com Oni.part2(day20dream3r).rar.html
hotfile.com Oni.part3(day20dream3r).rar.html
hotfile.com Oni.part4(day20dream3r).rar.html
hotfile.com Oni.part5(day20dream3r).rar.html

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Oni the Game
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