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[RS.com] Wolf's Rain | Wolf Rain | Wolfs Rain 20080118-wolfs%20rain2

Plot Summary
The wolf Tsume (Claw), hiding his true form, lives as a human. Hanging out in the city, and leading a band of young delinquents, he lives by stealing food from aristocrats. One day, another wolf, Kiba (Fang), appears before him, causing his wild blood to boil. Kiba cannot forgive Tsume for allying himself with humans, and the two have a duel, putting their pride on the line. However, the battle is interrupted, and Kiba is shot by the tenacious wolf hunter, Quent, and held captive in the police station run by the aristocrats...

Genres: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

1) The City Of Howls
2) Toboe, Who Doesn't Howl
3) Bad Fellow
4) Scars In The Wasteland
5) Fallen Wolves
6) The Successors
7) The Flower Maiden
Song Of Sleep
9) Misgivings
10) Moon's Doom
11) Vanishing Point
12) Don't Make Me Blue
13) Men's Lament
14) Fallen Keep
15) Grey Wolf
16) Dream Journey
17) Scent Of The Flower, Blood Of The Wolves
1 Man, Wolves And The Book Of The Moon
19) Dream Of An Oasis
20) Consciously
21) Battle's Red Glare
22) Pieces Of A Shooting Star
23) Heartbeat Of The Black City
24) Scent Of A Trap
25) False Memories
26) Moonlight Crucible
27) Soul's Whereabouts
2 Remorseful Gun Sound
29) High Tide, High Time
30) Wolf's Rain

Weight: 1.2GB (rmvb)


rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_01_-_The_City_Of_Howls.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_02_-_Toboe_Who_Doesn_t_Howl.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_03_-_Bad_Fellow.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_04_-_Scars_In_The_Wasteland.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_05_-_Fallen_Wolves.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_06_-_The_Successors.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_07_-_The_Flower_Maiden.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_08_-_Song_Of_Sleep.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_09_-_Misgivings.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_10_-_Moon_s_Doom.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_11_-_Vanishing_Point.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_12_-_Don_t_Make_Me_Blue.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_13_-_Men_s_Lament.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_14_-_Fallen_Keep.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_15_-_Grey_Wolf.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_16_-_Dream_Journey.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_17_-_Scent_Of_The_Flower_Blood_Of_The_Wolves.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_18_-_Man_Wolves_And_The_Book_Of_The_Moon.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_19_-_Dream_Of_An_Oasis.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_20_-_Consciously.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_21__-_Battle_s_Red_Glare.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_22_-_Pieces_Of_A_Shooting_Star.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_23_-_Heartbeat_Of_The_Black_City.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_24_-_Scent_Of_A_Trap.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_25_-_False_Memories.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_26_-_Moonlight_Crucible.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_27_-_Soul_s_Whereabouts.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_28_-_Remorseful_Gun_Sound.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_29_-_High_Tide_High_Time.rar
rapidshare.com Wolf_s_Rain_-_30_-_Wolf_s_Rain.rar

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[RS.com] Wolf's Rain | Wolf Rain | Wolfs Rain
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